>> Hrm, following your discussion (ellided above), I would have
>> expected that you would show
>>     Removing directory foo/bar
>>     Removing untracked_file1
> Also it would be nice to have warnings about undeleted directories since this 
> git
> clean behavior (or the work around to pass -f twice) is not documented.
> Without a warning you would probably miss that something was _not_ deleted.

Thanks for the feedback. I think you're right. Showing 'foo/bar/bar.txt' in
the list when 'foo/bar/' directory has been successfully deleted is just noise.

Would like to get some more feedback on the proposed output in case of
 (1) an untracked subdirectory with multiple files where at least one of them
     cannot be removed.
 (2) reporting ignored untracked git subdirectories

Suppose we have a repo like the one below:
    |-- tracked_file
    |-- untracked_file
    |-- untracked_foo/
    |     |-- bar/
    |     |     |-- bar.txt
    |     |-- emptydir/
    |     |-- frotz.git/
    |     |     |-- frotx.txt
    |     |-- quux/
    |           |-- failedquux.txt
    |           |-- quux.txt
    |-- untracked_unreadable_dir/
    |     |-- afile
    |-- untracked_some.git/
          |-- some.txt

$ git clean -fd
Removing untracked_file
Removing untracked_foo/bar
Removing untracked_foo/emptydir
Removing untracked_foo/quux/quux.txt
warning: failed to remove untracked_foo/quux/failedquux.txt
warning: failed to remove remove untracked_unreadable_dir/
warning: ignoring untracked git repository untracked_foo/frotz.git/
warning: ignoring untracked git repository untracked_some.git/
Use git clean --force --force to delete all untracked git repositories

$ # use forced remove
$ git clean --force --force -d
Removing untracked_foo/frotz.git
Removing untracked_foo/quux/quux.txt
Removing untracked_some.git/
warning: failed to remove untracked_foo/quux/failedquux.txt
warning: failed to remove untracked_unreadable_dir/

Can you see any issues with the proposed output, wording above? If
everyone is happy,
I'm going to prepare patch V2 for it.

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