Junio C Hamano <gits...@pobox.com> writes:

> Rich Midwinter <rich.midwin...@gmail.com> writes:
>> I'm working on a project for a large organisation that wants to make
>> widespread use of git and the mailmap feature.
>> This seems to be supported by default in git-shortlog but not git-log
>> (and other variants) without specifying custom formats, which isn't
>> really something I want to try and 'fix' across the organisation. Is
>> there a reason for this feature omission or has it just evolved that
>> way and could it be fixed?
> I think it was pretty much the latter, but people may already be
> depending on the command to give them the "true as recorded back
> then" names in the output.  A fix may have to involve inventing a
> new option "log --use-mailmap" that is explicitly given from the
> command line.

If somebody wants to do this, I think the overall design should go
like this:

 * We may want to rewrite blame.c::get_ac_line() and the code in
   pretty.c::pp_user_info() that parse author/committer lines by
   using ident.c::split_ident_line() for better code reuse as a
   preparation step before all of the below.

 * We may want to lift the buffer length limit from the implementation
   of mailmap.c::map_user() by using the strbuf API as a preparation
   step before all of the below.

 * We may also want to rethink its signature (we may want to get a
   single strbuf and have the function parse out "Name <mail>"; I
   didn't check the existing callers to see if that would make it
   easier to use, and if it does not, this obviously shouldn't be done)
   as a preparation step before all of the below.

 * Introduce a new "struct string_list *mailmap" member to "struct
   pretty_print_context" and "struct rev_info" (default to NULL);

 * In log-tree.c::show_log(), copy opt->mailmap to ctx.mailmap;

 * Update pretty.c::pp_user_info() to convert the email address on
   "line" (between the beginning and "namelen") by calling
   map_user() immediately after it parses time/tz out, and adjust
   the remainder of the function to use it, when pp->mailmap is

 * Teach log.c::cmd_log_init_finosh() about "--use-mailmap" option.
   Allocate one "struct string_list" instance and use read_mailmap()
   on it when the option is used, and store it in rev->mailmap.
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