Am 11.12.2012 06:59, schrieb Steffen Prohaska:
> A recent commit [1] fixed a off-by-one wrapping error.  As
> a side-effect, the conditional in add_wrapped_shortlog_msg() whether to
> append a newline needs to be removed.  add_wrapped_shortlog_msg() should
> always append a newline, which was the case before the off-by-one fix,
> because strbuf_add_wrapped_text() never returned a value of wraplen.

I agree with this explanation, although there exists a case where wraplen 
(or wraplen+1 after the off-by-one fix) is returned: This happens
when there is not a single space within the string and it has just the
correct length. But also in this case, the newline must be added to get
a correctly formatted output. So your patch is good as it is. :)

But I still wonder about the original motivation for the removed
conditional. It looks like, it wasn't even needed in the very first
version (3714e7c8)?! (And it wasn't present in the version on the mailing 


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