I noticed a few obvious problems in the output of "git shortlog -nse" on
git.git. So I wrote an analysis script to find more, and of course there
were lots.

This series tries to clean up the low-hanging fruit. The first two
commits fix multiple names matching a single email. Hopefully not too
contentious, but I'll cc all involved parties to confirm. The second has
a different root cause, so I've broken it out into its own commit.

  [1/5]: .mailmap: match up some obvious names/emails
  [2/5]: .mailmap: fix broken entry for Martin Langhoff

Next up are multiple emails which match a single name. There are over a
hundred of these, and they are much less obvious to fix. They really
need individuals to post patches to fix their own identities (and some
may not want fixing at all, if they used different emails to have
meaningful different identities).

So I've left these untouched except for:

  [3/5]: .mailmap: normalize emails for Jeff King

I am allowed to fix my own. :)

  [4/5]: .mailmap: normalize emails for Linus Torvalds

As the benevolent dictator, Linus has underlings to fix such things for

Also, his entry was the original reason I started looking at the data.
He fares quite poorly in "shortlog -nse" because his commits are
scattered across many addresses.

  [5/5]: contrib: update stats/mailmap script

This replaces the current mailmap script in contrib, which has a bug and
lacks some of the features of my new script.

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