> Or it might be better to make those two strbufs output-only
> parameter, e.g.
>         map_user(struct string_list *mailmap,
>                 const char *name, size_t namelen,
>                 const char *mail, size_t maillen,
>                 struct strbuf *name_out, struct strbuf *mail_out);
> then after split_ident_line(), this caller could feed two pointers
> into the original "line" as name and mail parameter, without making
> any copies (the callee has to make a copy but it has to be done
> anyway when the name/mail is mapped).  I suspect it would make this
> caller simpler, but I do not know how invasive such changes are for
> other callers of map_user().

It makes a lot of sense.
blame.c::get_commit_info() hard code the length
shortlog.c::insert_one_record() hard code the length
pretty.c::format_person_part() hard code the length

I don't think it will be invasive.

> Such an update can be left outside of this series, of course.

I will try to make it at the beginning of the series. It will avoid unnecessary

>> +             strbuf_addch(sb, ' ');
>> +             strbuf_addch(sb, '<');
>> +             strbuf_add(sb, person_mail, strlen(person_mail));
>> +             strbuf_addch(sb, '>');
>>               strbuf_addch(sb, '\n');
> Is that strbuf_addf(sb, " <%s>\n", person_mail)?

Of couse ;) Fixed.
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