Phil Hord <> writes:

> Marc Branchaud <> writes:
>> It's FreeBSD 7.2, which I know is an obsolete version but I'm not able to
>> upgrade the machine.  I believe FreeBSD's sh is, or is derived from, dash.
> Dash has been the default '/bin/sh' for Ubuntu for quite a long time
> now[1] in spite of repeated reports of compatibility problems[2].

Wasn't the ancestry more like BSD ash (buggy) came before dash and
Marc is running a BSD ash decendant that shared common ancestor
with, not a decendant of, dash?

In any case, I do not think that is relevant; does does not seem to
have this IFS bug.

> [2]

None of the ones listed seems to me a bug.  Rather, I see it as a
sign that the reporter does not know POSIX shell well and only
learned his/her shell through bash.
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