On 13.12.2012, at 00:00, Felipe Contreras wrote:

>>> I find all this text a bit confusing. First argument, second argument,
>>> etc. Personally, I would describe everything in the terms of alias
>>> (1st arg), and URL (2nd arg).
>> Yeah, I also thought about that, but as above, deliberately did not touch it 
>> here, but only moved it around. I'll be happy to revisit this on a future 
>> date, though.
> Oh, in that case it's fine, but I would have named it "move invocation
> before input format", or something that has *move*, or *shuffle*.

Agreed. It explicit says move in the body of the commit message, but not in the 
summary line.. That would be an improvement, I gueess. Junio, if you want, feel 
free to reword the summary line of the patch accordingly, e.g. changing it from

  git-remote-helpers.txt: document invocation before input format

to something like

  git-remote-helpers.txt: move 'invocation' section before 'input format'

Of course I can also re-roll, if that is necessary/preferred.

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