"P Fudd" <pf...@mailinator.com> writes:

> When compiling git- on a moderately old OpenIndiana machine, I had
> to install a few things (m4, autoconf, coreutils, xz, python).
> Even though I started the configuration fresh (make distclean; configure),
> the makefile still wanted to use /usr/bin/python (instead of
> /usr/local/bin/python) and /usr/usb/install (instead of
> /usr/local/bin/install).

You need to specify PYTHON_PATH on the build command line, something

    $ make PYTHON_PATH=/usr/local/bin/python
    $ make PYTHON_PATH=/usr/local/bin/python install

We don't really rely on configure, and it sometimes is the case
where ./configure output does not know some knobs you can tweak in
the Makefile, but this one is not.

I think you can use --with-python=/usr/local/bin/python when running
the ./configure script.  ./configure --help may tell you more about
what you can tweak.

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