David Michael <fedora....@gmail.com> writes:

> An option is added to the Makefile to skip the inclusion of sys/param.h.
> The only known platform with this condition thus far is the z/OS UNIX System
> Services environment.
> Signed-off-by: David Michael <fedora....@gmail.com>
> ---

Hmm, makes me wonder if we can remove that inclusion everywhere
instead.  What definitions are we getting from it?

8695c8b (Add "show-files" command to show the list of managed (or
non-managed) files., 2005-04-11) added it to show-files, and without
the include the compilation failed due to lack of MAXPATHLEN, but
you shouldn't be using that in the first place (we tend to either
use PATH_MAX or lift the upper limit using strbuf these days.).

65bb491 (Add the ability to prefix something to the pathname to
"checkout-cache.c", 2005-04-21) does the same to checkout-cache.c

bb233d6 (Add support for a "GIT_INDEX_FILE" environment variable.,
2005-04-21) moves these two inclusions to cache.h; removing it
bteaks compilation due to lack of MAXPATHLEN, ULONG_MAX, etc.,

I didn't check what else sys/parms.h was accicdentally slurping into
the compilation, but ULONG_MAX is what we explicitly ask for by
including either inttypes or stdint these days.

Later 4050c0d (Clean up compatibility definitions., 2005-12-05)
further consolidated the headers by moving inclusion around.  This
commit did not audit unused headers.

I have this suspicion that nobody would notice if we simply stopped
including the header.
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