Matt Kraai <> writes:

> This series ports Git to QNX.  It builds on both QNX 6.3.2 and QNX
> 6.5.0.  The test suite does not pass.  Unless the corresponding
> software is installed, the following arguments must be passed to Make:
>   [1/2]: Make lock local to fetch_pack
> QNX 6.3.2's unistd.h declares a function named lock, which causes
> fetch-pack.c to fail to compile if lock has file-scope.  Since it's
> only used in a single function, move it therein.
>   [2/2]: Port to QNX

I do not mind queuing this on 'pu' but do you want to see your address in the commit objects, or the other one that you
are not using to interact with us?
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