Antoine Pelisse <> writes:

> Implement the feature suggested by Rich Mindwinter and Junio C Hamano
> (and following his advices)
> Allows git show/log commands to map author and committer
> names and emails using the mailmap file.
> Updates related to this second series:
>   - All tests are successful after each patch
>   - Use split_ident_line in shortlog.c
>   - Documentation has been added to git-log.txt
>   - Test has been added to check that we use the file
>   - Lots of improvements in the way strbufs are used
>   - New interface to map_user()
>   - Bunch of other fixes

The updated map_user() and its users look much nicer now.  Applying
your patches with "git am --whitespace=error" spots a few style
violations, though.

> git glog --committer/--author is still not looking for mailmap user
> names.

I think we should stop using the header grep mechanism for these and
instead keep two separate grep expressions in struct rev_info and
use them in revision.c::commit_match().  The unification of header
filter and message grep filter done in 2d10c55 (git log: Unify
header_filter and message_filter into one., 2006-09-20) may not have
been a good idea.

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