Christian Couder <> writes:

> From: Junio C Hamano <>
>> Christian Couder <> writes:
>>> It looks like we are tracking the value of TCLTK_PATH in the main
>>> Makefile for no good reason, as this is done in git-gui too and the
>>> GIT-GUI-VARS is not used in the Makefile.
>> This was added to the main Makefile when we slurped gitk to our
>> project at the top-level, so I am not surprised if git-gui were
>> not depending on it at all.
>> A better explanation is that t62ba514 (Move gitk to its own
>> subdirectory, 2007-11-17) should have moved these lines to
>> gitk-git/Makefile (and I think we should move them there in a
>> separate patch).
> Yeah, I just sent an updated patch series that does this.

It still seems to talk about git-gui which the snippet you removed
does not have anything to do with, though.
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