Am 12/17/2012 8:21, schrieb Junio C Hamano:
> Chris Rorvick <> writes:
>>  'git checkout' [<branch>]::

Is <branch> really optional in this form?

BTW, what does plain 'git checkout' do? Just report ahead/behind information?

>> +
>> +    Update the index, working tree, and HEAD to reflect the
>> +    specified branch.
>> +'git checkout' [--detach] [<commit>]::

The title here is better spelled as two lines:

'git checkout' <commit>::
'git checkout' --detach <branch>::

I don't think that <commit> or <branch> should be indicated as optional here.

>> +
>> +    Update the index and working tree to reflect the specified
>> +    commit and set HEAD to point directly to <commit> (see
>> +    "DETACHED HEAD" section.)  Passing `--detach` forces this
>> +    behavior even if <commit> is a branch.
>       Prepare to work on building new history on top of <commit>,
>         by detaching HEAD at the commit and ...(likewise)...

-- Hannes
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