Am 26.11.2012 05:50 schrieb Junio C Hamano:
> Sven Strickroth <sven.strickr...@tu-clausthal.de> writes:
>> Am 11.11.2012 17:40 schrieb Sven Strickroth:
>>> Am 06.10.2012 20:28 schrieb Junio C Hamano:
>>>> It is either that it was simply forgotten, or after I wrote the part
>>>> you quoted early in January there were discussions later that showed
>>>> the patch was not desirable for some reason. I do not recall which.
>>> I noticed no threads about possible problems, so I try again.
>> On November 11th I submitted the updated patches again, however, without
>> any reaction or comments.
> I think between Peff and me it fell in the cracks during the
> hand-off; I do not know about the others, probably people did not
> find it interesting perhaps?
> I'll add Eric Wong (git-svn submaintainer) to Cc.

I received no feedback, so is there any progress on this issue?

I'd really appreciate if we could fix it soon.

Best regards,
 Sven Strickroth
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