Sitaram Chamarty <> writes:

> When using -M with a number to act as a threshold for declaring
> a change as being a rename, I found a... quirk.  Any 2-digit
> number after the M will work,...

That is not 2-digit number.

A few historical trivia may help.

Originally we said "you can use -M2 to choose 2/10" (like "gzip"
taking compression levels between "-0" to "-9").  Then Linus came up
with a clever idea to let people specify arbitrary precision by
letting you say "-M25" to mean 25/100 and "-M254" to mean 254/1000.

Read the numbers without per-cent as if it has decimal point before
it (i.e. -M005 is talking about 0.005 which is 0.5%).  Full hundred
per-cent has to be spelled with per-cent sign for obvious reasons
with this scheme but that cannot be avoided.  It is a special case.

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