Christian Couder <> writes:

> A long time ago, gitk used to live at the root of the git.git
> repository. In 62ba514 (Move gitk to its own subdirectory,
> 2007-11-17) it was moved to a subdirectory, but some code used
> to track TCLTK_PATH was left in the main Makefile instead
> of being moved to the new Makefile that was created in gitk-git/.
> The code left in the main Makefile in git.git should now have
> been removed because it was found useless.
> And this patch puts some code back to track TCLTK_PATH properly
> where it should be.

It is more like "should have been moved to gitk's Makefile back
then, but didn't.  Make it so.".

> Note that there is already some code to do that in git-gui.
> At the same time this patch creates a .gitignore and also marks
> some targets in the Makefile as PHONY.
> Signed-off-by: Christian Couder <>
> ---
> Hi Paul,
> In this thread:
> Junio asked me to send you this patch.
> So here it is, for you to apply to your tree.

Paul, just to clarify, I didn't review the contents of the patch; I
merely redirected the patch in the right direction, so this still
needs to be vetted by you ;-)

> ...
> +     @VARS='$(TRACK_TCLTK)'; \
> +             if test x"$$VARS" != x"`cat $@ 2>/dev/null`" ; then \
> +                     echo 1>&2 "    * new Tcl/Tk interpreter location"; \

I think in a related patch to the top-level Makefile changes it to
lose "1" to read it as "echo >&2" here.
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