On 12/18/2012 03:59 PM, Jeff King wrote:
> I always assumed nobody really used the full "add -i", but maybe it is
> because I am such a command-line snob. Evan, are you after hunk
> selection (like choosing "patch" from the interactive UI), or full path
> selection?

Mostly the latter.

I have two use cases of 'add -i'. The more common one is if I kind of
want -p but don't want to do it for every file. (I guess in part this is
my way of substituting for not knowing all the actions during -p as
well.) But I sometimes use it if I want to stage several but not all
files, as it's often faster for me to just choose the files I want from
the interactive add's list than it is for me to type each of the files
that I want (even with tab completion) -- I'm often working in a project
with unfortunately-deep paths.

What I want for my 'discard' action is more like the latter: I'd like a
fast way to choose a file(s) to discard without having to type the path(s).

Maybe I should just investigate tig or another front end; that might
satisfy my desire.


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