John Keeping <> writes:

> While investigating Asciidoc's quoting in this thread [1], I noticed
> that my system man pages don't display Asciidoc double quoted text
> correctly.
> ...
> I can't see any configuration option that could cause this difference,
> so I assume it must be caused by some particular tool version on the
> machine used to generate these man pages.

Yeah, Debian ships with a tad older one, and I've been using
asciidoc 8.5.2 on my primary box.

I'm experimenting a newer one from the latest tarball (asciidoc
8.6.8) and the result looks promising.  If everything goes smoothly,
I'll probably do another -rc before the final 1.8.1 release goes out
with the new asciidoc, but no promises (yet).


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