Tomi Belan <> writes:

> Thanks. Here's one more bump. Avery? David?

Thanks for your persistence.

I am moderately dissapointed by the inaction on the subtree part so
far.  It was merged hoping that it will have more exposure to the
end-users if it were in my tree, and it obviously is gettng that,
but the people involved in the subtree part does not seem to be
holding their end of the bargain.

I am seriously considering to remove it from the contrib/ area of my
tree if we do not see any response.  The contrib/ area is not meant
to be a dumping ground for abandoned WIP.

Maybe it is a seasonal thing, just before the holiday season, but
this has been unresponded for a couple of months, not even with a
"That combination is not supported", or "Thanks for a bug report".

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