Jeff King <> writes:

> ... doing ":(noglob)" right would mean converting
> the whole codebase to use "struct pathspec", as the usual
> "const char **pathspec" cannot represent extra per-item
> flags.

As that is the longer-term direction we would want to go, I'd rather
not to take the approach in this patch for introducing user-facing
support of literal pathspecs.

Having said that, even when we have the ':(noglob)' magic pathspec
support, it would make sense to introduce a command line option to
make it easier for scripted Porcelains that call plumbing commands
to pass literal pathspecs (i.e. they know exactly what paths they
want to operate, not what patterns the paths they want to operate
would match).  I do not think configuration variable makes much
sense (unless you are thinking "git -c core.literalpathspec=true"
as that command line option).

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