David Michael <fedora....@gmail.com> writes:

> In working on a port, I have to tolerate an ancient shell.  The "cd"
> and "pwd" commands don't understand the "-P" flag for physical paths,
> as some tests use.  The biggest offender is "cd -P" causing a failure
> in t/test-lib.sh (since 1bd9c64), which is sourced by every test
> script.

Is "here is a nickel, get a better shell" an option?  Running tests
is one thing, but I'd be worried more about scripted Porcelains
broken by a non-POSIX shell if I were you.

> Would it be acceptable to instead force the platform's shell option
> (if it exists) to always use physical paths for the tests and drop the
> "-P" flags?

As a patch to the source files in my tree?  Not likely, even though
I cannot say for sure without looking at how the change would look
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