> Teach Git to write a commit graph file by checking all packed objects
> to see if they are commits, then store the file in the given pack
> directory.

I'm afraid that scanning all packed objects is a bit of a roundabout
way to approach this.

In my git repo, with 9 pack files at the moment, i.e. not that big a
repo and not that many pack files:

  $ time ./git commit-graph --write --update-head

  real    0m27.550s
  user    0m27.113s
  sys     0m0.376s

In comparison, performing a good old revision walk to gather all the
info that is written into the graph file:

  $ time git log --all --topo-order --format='%H %T %P %cd' |wc -l

  real    0m0.903s
  user    0m0.972s
  sys     0m0.058s

> +char* get_commit_graph_filename_hash(const char *pack_dir,
> +                                  struct object_id *hash)
> +{
> +     size_t len;
> +     struct strbuf head_path = STRBUF_INIT;
> +     strbuf_addstr(&head_path, pack_dir);
> +     strbuf_addstr(&head_path, "/graph-");
> +     strbuf_addstr(&head_path, oid_to_hex(hash));
> +     strbuf_addstr(&head_path, ".graph");

Nit: this is assembling the path of a graph file, not that of a
graph-head, so the strbuf should be renamed accordingly.

> +
> +     return strbuf_detach(&head_path, &len);
> +}

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