Am 02.02.2018 um 15:34 schrieb SZEDER Gábor:
> On Thu, Feb 1, 2018 at 7:56 PM, René Scharfe <> wrote:
>> 353d84c537 (coccicheck: make transformation for strbuf_addf(sb, "...")
>> more precise) added a check to avoid transforming calls with format
>> strings which contain percent signs, as that would change the result.
>> It uses embedded Python code for that.  Simplify this rule by using the
>> regular expression matching operator instead.
>> Signed-off-by: Rene Scharfe <>
>> ---
>> Inspired by the Coccinelle package in Debian experimental, which lost
>> support for Python for some reason.  Tested only with that version
>> (1.0.6.deb-3) and Debian testing's 1.0.4.deb-3+b3.
> FWIW, it appears to be working fine with Coccinelle version
> 1.0.0~rc19.deb-3 running on Travis CI.
> Applied it on top of 'rs/strbuf-cocci-workaround' currently at cd9a4b6d9
> (cocci: use format keyword instead of a literal string, 2018-01-19)
> along with an other patch to show the resulting suggestions in
> '.../*.cocci.patch' files, and the results look fine:
> and are the same as without this patch:

It's good to hear that it doesn't error out, but there is no code in
master that would trigger a good or bad transformation.  It should
propose a patch for calls like this:

        strbuf_addf(sb, "just a string, better use strbuf_addstr");

... but leave those examples here alone:

        strbuf_addf(sb, "200%% more percent signs");
        strbuf_addf(sb, "error: %m");


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