Nguyễn Thái Ngọc Duy  <> writes:

> Changes since v2 [1]:
> - goes back to my original version (yay!) where the extra info
>   is appended after the path name. More is described in 2/2
> - --compact-summary is now renamed --stat-with-summary and implies
>   --stat
> - 1/2 is just a cleanup patch to make it easier to add 2/2

It may be just me and other old timers, but --X-with-Y naming means
quite different thing around these commands, and --stat-with-summary
would hint, at least to us, that it would behave as if the two
options "--stat --summary" are given at the same time.

And from that point of view, the new name is a bit confusing one.

The patches themselves look excellent.  Thanks.

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