On Thu, Dec 20, 2012 at 8:55 AM, Nguyen Thai Ngoc Duy <pclo...@gmail.com> wrote:
>> As long as simpler patterns fnmatch() groks (namely, '?', '*', and
>> '[class]' wildcards only) are not slowed down by replacing it with
>> wildmatch(), that is, of course.
> I'm concerned about performance vs fnmatch too. I'll probably write a
> small program to exercise both and measure it with glibc.

I'll send out proper patches later this weekend, but unless I make big
mistakes it seems wildmatch is faster than fnmatch from glibc 2.14.1
on x86-64 :) Maybe I did make mistakes. The test matches every line in
/tmp/filelist.txt (which is ls-files from linux-2.6.git) 2000 times.
"pathname" means FNM_PATHNAME.

$ export LANG=C
$ ./test-wildmatch-perf /tmp/filelist.txt 'Documentation/*' 2000
wildmatch 1s 528394us
fnmatch   2s 588396us
$ ./test-wildmatch-perf /tmp/filelist.txt 'drivers/*' 2000
wildmatch 1s 957243us
fnmatch   3s 134839us
$ ./test-wildmatch-perf /tmp/filelist.txt 'Documentation/*' 2000 pathname
wildmatch 1s 548575us
fnmatch   2s 629680us
$ ./test-wildmatch-perf /tmp/filelist.txt 'drivers/*' 2000 pathname
wildmatch 2s 142377us
fnmatch   3s 318295us
$ ./test-wildmatch-perf /tmp/filelist.txt '[Dd]ocu[Mn]entation/*' 2000
wildmatch 1s 748505us
fnmatch   3s 224414us
$ ./test-wildmatch-perf /tmp/filelist.txt '[Dd]o?u[Mn]en?ati?n/*' 2000
wildmatch 1s 743268us
fnmatch   3s 278034us
$ ./test-wildmatch-perf /tmp/filelist.txt '[Dd]o?u[Mn]en?ati?n/*' 2000 pathname
wildmatch 1s 745151us
fnmatch   3s 314127us
$ ./test-wildmatch-perf /tmp/filelist.txt nonsense 2000 pathname
wildmatch 1s 310727us
fnmatch   2s 279123us
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