On Thu, Dec 20, 2012 at 10:49:15AM -0500, Aaron Schrab wrote:

> At 10:04 -0500 20 Dec 2012, Jeff King <p...@peff.net> wrote:
> >The problem seems to be that people are giving bad advice to tell
> >people to post "git config -l" output without looking at. Maybe we
> >could help them with a "git config --share-config" option that
> >dumps all config, but sanitizes the output. It would need to have a
> >list of sensitive keys (which does not exist yet), and would need
> >to not just mark up things like smtppass, but would also need to
> >pull credential information out of remote.*.url strings. And maybe
> >more (I haven't thought too long on it).
> If such an option is added, it is likely to cause more people to
> think that there is no need to examine the output before sharing it.
> But, I don't think that the sanitizing could ever be sufficient to
> guarantee that.
> Tools outside of the core git tree may add support for new config
> keys which are meant to contain sensitive information, and there
> would be no way for `git config` to know about those.

Good point. I was a little on the fence already because any time you
have a "prevent known bad" list in a security setting, it is guaranteed
to go out of date and screw you. But the presence of third-party tools
means it does not even have to get out of date. It will always be

> I think that attempting to do this would only result in a false sense
> of security.

Yeah. Thanks for a dose of sanity. I was really trying not to say "the
given advice is bad, and we cannot help those people". But I think you
are right; the only sensible path is for the user to inspect the output
before posting it.

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