"Eric S. Raymond" <e...@thyrsus.com> writes:

>> Should the error message say ciabot.py?
>> -Peff
> Gack.  Yes.  Thaty's what I get for cut-and-pasting too quickly.
> The information about xnml.sex is correct, though.
> Want me to resubmit, or will you just patch it?

Can handle it myself; thanks for the patch.

> Note by the way that I still think the entire ciabot subtree (which is 
> my code) should just be nuked.  CIA is not coming back, wishful thinking 
> on Ilkotech's web page notwithstanding.

You are probably right, and interested people could send a patch to
resurrect it, if it turns necessary, from our last commit that has
it.  So let's apply this patch, and then remove the subtree soon
after 1.8.1 ships.

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