e...@thyrsus.com (Eric S. Raymond) writes:

> That was the first of three patches I have promised.  In order to do
> the next one, which will be a development guidelines recommend
> compatibility back to some specific version X, I need a policy
> decision.  How do we set X?
> I don't think X can be < 2.4, nor does it need to be - 2.4 came out
> in 2004 and eight years is plenty of deployment time.
> The later we set it, the more convenient for developers.  But of
> course by setting it late we trade away some portability to 
> older systems.
> In previous discussion of this issue I recommended X = 2.6.
> That is still my recommendation. Thoughts, comments, objections?

I personally would think 2.6 is recent enough.  Which platforms that
are long-term-maintained by their vendors still pin their Python at
2.4.X?  2.4.6 was in 2008 that was source only, 2.4.4 was in late
2006 that was the last 2.4 with binary release.

Objections?  Comments?
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