Earlier today David Mansfield handed off to me the cvsps project. This
is the code used as an engine for reading CVS repositories by

His reason (aside from general overwork and no longer having a strong
interest on the code) is that I have added a --fast-export option to
cvsps-3.0 that emits a git fast-import stream representing the CVS
I did this so that reposurgeon could use cvsps as a front end.  But I
expect it will be of some interest to whoever is maintaining
git-cvsimport. That code can now become much, *much* smaller and

The new --fast-export mode solves at least one bug mentioned on the
git-cvsimport man page; multiple tags pointing at the same CVS changeset
will be passed through correctly.

Possibly it fixes some other problems described there as well.  
I don't understand all the bug warnings on that page and would like to
discuss them with the author, whoever that is.  Possibly cvsps can be
further enhanced to address these problems; I'm willing to work on that.
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