On 02/08/2018 04:30 PM, Joey Hess wrote:
> Leo Gaspard wrote:
>> That said, I just came upon [1] (esp. the description [2] and the patch
>> [3]), and wondered: it looks like the patch was abandoned midway in
>> favor of a hook refactoring. Would you happen to know whether the hook
>> refactoring eventually took place, and/or whether this patch was
>> resubmitted later, and/or whether it would still be possible to merge
>> this now? (not having any experience with git's internals yet, I don't
>> really know whether these are stupid questions or not)
>> PS: Cc'ing Joey, as you most likely know best what eventually happened,
>> if you can remember it?
> I don't remember it well, but reviewing the thread, I think it foundered
> on this comment by Junio:
>> That use case sounds like that "git fetch" is called as a first class UI,
>> which is covered by "git myfetch" (you can call it "git annex fetch")
>> wrapper approach, the canonical example of a hook that we explicitly do
>                     ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
>> not want to add.
>   ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
> While I still think a fetch hook would be a good idea for reasons of
> composability, I then just went off and implemented such a wrapper for
> my own particular use case, and the wrapper program then grew to cover
> use cases that a hook would not have been able to cover, so ...

Hmm, OK, so I guess I'll try to update the patch when I get some time to
delve into git's internals, as my use case (forbidding some fetches)
couldn't afaik be covered by a wrapper hook.

Thanks for the feedback!

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