Jeff King <> writes:

>   2. The "-x" problems aren't specific to test_must_fail at all. They're
>      a general issue with shell functions.
> I'm not entirely happy with saying "if you want to use -x, please use
> bash". But given that it actually solves the problems everywhere with no
> further effort, is it really that bad a solution?
> For the error messages from test_must_fail, could we go in the same
> direction, and send them to descriptor 4 rather than 2? We've already
> staked out descriptor 4 as something magical that must be left alone
> (see 9be795fb). If we can rely on that, then it becomes a convenient way
> for functions to make sure their output is going to the script's stderr.

That sounds clever and rather attractive.  It isn't that much of an
layering violation for to have
such an intimate knowledge on how sets up
the file descriptors, either.

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