On Tue, Feb 13, 2018 at 5:06 AM, Robert P. J. Day <rpj...@crashcourse.ca> wrote:
>   looking for general opinions ... i am (frighteningly :-) teaching a
> git course later this week, and one of the topics on the list is git
> submodules, which was specifically requested by the client as their
> idea of how to start incorporating child repos in new projects.
>   however, given the number of articles written about the drawbacks
> with submodules, i wanted to throw in a section about "git subtree" as
> well, even though (as discussed earlier) there is some minor dispute
> as to whether "git subtree" is part of "core" git, but i'm not going
> to let that stop me.
>   going even beyond that, there is also google's "repo" command, which
> i seem to see more and more often, like here for automotive grade
> linux:
>   https://wiki.automotivelinux.org/agl-distro/source-code
> and it would be a shame to at least not mention that as yet another
> possibility.

Please note that Google would prefer to get rid of the repo tool.
(It was made as a stop gap solution until submodules are good enough,
i.e. have comparable UX compared to repo. But as you know stop gap
solutions hold up for quite a long time reliably. :) repo has issues by itself,
fundamental issues such as the data model, as well as minor things like
complete lack of tests)

>   and then there are unofficial, hand-rolled solutions, like
> "git-subdir":
>   https://github.com/andreyvit/git-subdir
> given that the client does not appear to be wedded to any particular
> solution yet, i'm open to recommendations or pointers to online
> comparisons that i'll collect and post on a single wiki page, and they
> can peruse the comparisons at their leisure.

There are a couple of these. I came across these recently

>   so ... thoughts? no need to be verbose, just links to decent online
> discussions/comparisons would be massively useful.
> rday
> p.s. oh, pointers to well-designed usage of any of the above would be
> handy as well. as i mentioned, for "repo", there's AGL. for
> submodules, i might use boost:

If your copy of Git is recent, look at the man pages for submodules
such as d48034551a (submodules: overhaul documentation, 2017-06-22)
or 4f73a7f124 (Doc/gitsubmodules: make some changes to improve
readability and syntax, 2018-01-14)

>   https://github.com/boostorg/boost/wiki/Getting-Started
> and so on. thank you kindly.


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