On 2/13/2018 1:39 PM, Jonathan Tan wrote:
Updates from v1:
  - use uint32_t so that we can operate on packfiles of up to 4G objects
    (this also means that I had to change the signature of the function)

I take it "4G objects" means "4 billion objects". The distinction is only important that the limit is not a 4GB IDX file, but in fact a large enough object count that the IDX file can be 100+ GB.

  - don't hide types

Derrick: you'll need to slightly change your patch to use the new API.
As for find_abbrev_len_for_pack(), that's a good idea - I didn't do it
in this set but it definitely should be done.

Thanks. I'll try to remember to do that change when this lands in master. I'll bring the new prototype into my commit-graph patch.

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