On Wed, Feb 14, 2018 at 10:41:35AM -0800, Stefan Beller wrote:

> I have lost track of the hashmap improvements lately, but with
> such a good test helper, we could reduce the amount of
> commented code in hashmap.h and just link to the test helper?
> (as an extra step after this series, I thought we already had that)

Yeah, the example code in hashmap.h looks to be more or less the same
thing as what's here (it maps a long to a value, which simplifies the
FLEX_ARRAY bits, but I think it serves equally well as a reference).

I'd also be fine with drastically simplifying the example in hashmap.h,
and letting test-hashmap serve as a more fleshed-out example (we don't
need to see the main and scanf bits there).


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