On Wed, Feb 14, 2018 at 5:50 PM, Psidium Guajava <psiid...@gmail.com> wrote:
> 2018-02-14 22:53 GMT-02:00 Johannes Schindelin <johannes.schinde...@gmx.de>:
>> Now, when is the next possible time you can call `git rebase --undo-skip`?
> What if the scope were reduced from `--undo-skip` to `--undo-last-skip`?
> Also, further reduce the scope to only allow `--undo-last-skip` during
> a ongoing rebase, not caring about a finished one?
> But, this could be so niche that I have doubts if this would ever be used;

I think this is too niche to actually be useful in practice,
especially since figuring out exactly what to replay might be tricky..
I suppose it could keep track of where in the rebase the last skip was
used, and then just go back to rebase and stop there again? That
sounds like just redoing the rebase is easier.. (ie: use the reflog to
go back to before the rebase started, and then re-run it again and
don't skip this time).

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