2018-02-19 8:36 GMT-03:00 Phillip Wood <phillip.w...@talktalk.net>:
> "When I end up editing hunks it is almost always because I want to
> stage a subset of the lines in the hunk. Doing this by editing the
> hunk is inconvenient and error prone (especially so if the patch is
> going to be reversed before being applied). Instead offer an option
> for add -p to stage individual lines. When the user presses 'l' the
> hunk is redrawn with labels by the insertions and deletions and they
> are prompted to enter a list of the lines they wish to stage. Ranges
> of lines may be specified using 'a-b' where either 'a' or 'b' may be
> omitted to mean all lines from 'a' to the end of the hunk or all lines
> from 1 upto and including 'b'."

This is an interesting (and needed feature). Would be nice to see it merged.

Gustavo Leite

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