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argues that git isn't preserving modification times because it needs to 
ensure that build tools work properly.

I agree that modification times should not be restored by default, 
because of the principle of least astonishment. But should it be 
impossible? The principle of least astonishment does not mandate this; 
it is not a paternalistic principle.

Thus, I do not get at all
- why git doesn't *store* modification times, perhaps by default, but 
at least on request
- why git doesn't restore modification times *on request*

It is pretty annoying that git cannot, even if I know what I am doing, 
and explicitly want it to, preserve the modification time.

One use case: I have lots of file lying around in my build directory 
and for some of them, the modification time in important information to 
me. Those files are not at all used with the build tool. In contrast to 
git pull, git pull --rebase needs those to be stashed. But after the 
pull and unstash, the mtime is gone. Boo.

Please provide options to store and restore modification times. It 
shouldn't be hard to do, given that other metadata such as the mode is 
already stored. It would make live so much easier. And the fact that 
this has made into the FAQ clearly suggests that there are many others 
who think so.

Best wishes

Peter Backes, r...@helen.plasma.xg8.de

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