On 22/02/18 00:31, Junio C Hamano wrote:
> * pw/add-p-recount (2018-02-20) 9 commits
>  - add -p: don't rely on apply's '--recount' option
>  - add -p: fix counting when splitting and coalescing
>  - add -p: calculate offset delta for edited patches
>  - add -p: adjust offsets of subsequent hunks when one is skipped
>  - t3701: add failing test for pathological context lines
>  - t3701: don't hard code sha1 hash values
>  - t3701: use test_write_lines and write_script
>  - t3701: indent here documents
>  - add -i: add function to format hunk header
>  "git add -p" has been lazy in coalescing split patches before
>  passing the result to underlying "git apply", leading to corner
>  case bugs; the logic to prepare the patch to be applied after hunk
>  selections has been tightened.
>  Will merge to 'next'.

Could you hold off on this one please, I do a reroll next week with a
couple of clean-ups for the tests.



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