On 20/02/18 11:44, Johannes Schindelin wrote:
> Hi Hilco,
> On Tue, 20 Feb 2018, Johannes Schindelin wrote:
>> When I am particularly tired and overworked (and therefore know that my
>> working memory is less useful than usual), I therefore resort to my
>> second-favorite strategy: U use the `done` file.
>> I literally copy parts of $GIT_DIR/rebase-merge/done to the beginning of
>> $GIT_DIR/rebase-merge/git-rebase-todo (the most convenient way to open the
>> latter is `git rebase --edit-todo`). In your case, those would be the
>> `pick` lines cherry-picking D and E. Then, as before, `git reset --hard
>> <commit>` (where I look up the `<commit>` using an aliased version of `git
>> log --graph --oneline --left-right --boundary`), amend the commit, and
>> then `git rebase --continue`.
>> It might be even possible to design a new subcommand for the interactive
>> rebase to facilitate a variation of this strategy (possibly even making
>> use of the fact that the interactive rebase accumulates mappings between
>> the original commits and the rewritten ones in
>> $GIT_DIR/rebase-merge/rewritten-list, intended for use in the post-rewrite
>> hook).
> This feature might look somewhat like this:
>       git rebase --replay-latest-commits 3
> and it would not even have to look at the `rewritten-list`. All it would
> do is to put back the latest `pick` from the `done` file (in case of merge
> conflicts) into the `git-rebase-todo` file, then insert `pick lines for
> HEAD~3.. at the beginning of that todo file, and then `git reset --hard
> HEAD~3`.
> By not using the original lines from the `done` file (i.e. *different*
> from what I described as my second-favorite strategy), you would also get
> the resolved merge conflicts rather than having to re-resolve them.

Yes that's why I prefer using pasting the output of git log rather than
bits of rebase-merge/done into the todo list when rewinding manually.

> (This all would of course only work properly without --preserve-merges and
> without the upcoming --recreate-merges.)

It shouldn't be too hard to support --recreate-merges in the case where
you don't go past a merge commit, one would just have to check
refs/rewritten to see if any label commands need to be inserted.

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> Johannes

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