Junio C Hamano <gits...@pobox.com> writes:

>> I think the current name makes the following call very clear:
> It is still a strange name nevertheless.

Sorry for simply repeating "strange" without spelling out why in the
previous message.  This certainly is subjective and depends on your
cultural background, but in our codebase, I tried to name functions
after "what" they do and "why", rather than "how" they do so.  In a
way, it's the same kind of uneasiness I feel when I see variables
named in hungarian notation.

You would inspect the object and treat 'data' as a list and add to
the object if it is a commit, and if_packed_commit_add_to_list()
certainly is a name that describes all of that well, but does it
give readers a good answer when they wonder why the function is
doing so?  You described with the name of the function how it
collects commits that are in the pack, without explicitly saying
that you want to collect packed commits and that is why you are
inspecting for type and doing so only for commit (i.e.
"if_packed_commit" part of the name) and why you are adding to a

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