Junio C Hamano <gits...@pobox.com> writes:

> Yes, and I do not think it is an implementation detail.
> I am not opposed to an "internal use" of the cherry-pick machinery to
> implement a corner case of "rebase -i":
> ...
> In step 4., you would be internally using the cherry-pick machinery
> to implement the step of "rebase -i" sequence.  That is what I would
> call an implementation detail.  And that is cherry-picking to the
> root.  It transplants something that used to depend on the entire
> history behind it ...

Just to add another example, I do not think I would be opposed to
the case where you "edit" the root commit in the above example,
i.e. keeping the "Hello world" as the root commit, but modifying its
tree and/or log message. The internal impemenation detail has to
first chery-pick that existing commit on top of a void state before
it gives the user a chance to tweak the tree and commit the result
with a modified log message.  Just like "commit --amend" can be used
to amend the root commit, it logically makes sense the recreated
commit records nothing as its parent if done when HEAD is not valid
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