I'm compiling Git with my own static libcurl and my own static
LibreSSL.  They live in two different locations.

Building Curl with a pointer to my LibreSSL works fine, and compiling
Git works fine: the correct -I options are added to the compile line
when I configure with --with-openssl=/path/to/libressl/dist

However, linking fails to find the crypto and ssl libraries, because
the OPENSSLDIR lib directory is not added to the link line with -L. 
The link line in question is from Makefile:

  git-http-fetch$X: http.o http-walker.o http-fetch.o GIT-LDFLAGS $(GITLIBS)
        $(QUIET_LINK)$(CC) $(ALL_CFLAGS) -o $@ $(ALL_LDFLAGS) $(filter %.o,$^) \
                $(CURL_LIBCURL) $(LIBS)
  git-http-push$X: http.o http-push.o GIT-LDFLAGS $(GITLIBS)
        $(QUIET_LINK)$(CC) $(ALL_CFLAGS) -o $@ $(ALL_LDFLAGS) $(filter %.o,$^) \
                $(CURL_LIBCURL) $(EXPAT_LIBEXPAT) $(LIBS)

The OpenSSL libraries are included in CURL_LIBCURL, but the -L flags
are not:

        ifdef NEEDS_SSL_WITH_CURL
                CURL_LIBCURL += -lssl
                ifdef NEEDS_CRYPTO_WITH_SSL
                        CURL_LIBCURL += -lcrypto

This section needs to add in the OPENSSL_LINK variable, or maybe it has
to go directly in the git-http-fetch/push recipe, I'm not sure which is
appropriate.  There seems to be a lot of different variables that have
similar content, that maybe should be aligned (OPENSSL_LIBSSL,

But, the -L is definitely missing:

  gcc -g -O2 -I. -DGIT_HOST_CPU="\"x86_64\"" -DHAVE_ALLOCA_H 
-I/work/src/libressl/Linux-Release-make/dist/include -DNO_GETTEXT -DSHA1_DC 
-DSHA1DC_CUSTOM_INCLUDE_UBC_CHECK_C="\"git-compat-util.h\"" -pthread 
-DSHELL_PATH='"/bin/sh"' -DPAGER_ENV='"LESS=FRX LV=-c"' -o git-http-fetch   
http.o http-walker.o http-fetch.o common-main.o \
-L/work/src/git/Linux-Release-make/dist/lib -lcurl -lssl -lcrypto -lidn 
libgit.a xdiff/lib.a  -lz -pthread -lrt
  ld: error: cannot find -lssl
  ld: error: cannot find -lcrypto

Note how the -I.../libressl/.../include option is present, but the
-L.../libressl/.../lib option is missing.

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