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> This may be more of an Eclipse question than a git question but
> hopefully someone on this list knows both. I now have a working git
> central repository (on Linux) and a local repository clone (on
> Windows).
> I can see and edit my files in Eclipse, commit them and push them to
> the
> remote repository. The problem I am having now is developing my code
> in
> Eclipse. It seems I can no longer run the code as the 'Run as
> Application' menu item is missing. How do I test my code now? TIA.

You're better off visiting the some Eclipse forums for this. I see
no reason to suspect this has anything to do Git or even EGit. You should
check the Error log view for hints errors hidden from view. It can also
be the case that your selection is not a Java class with a test case or
main method.

If it is EGit-related, http://www.eclipse.org/egit/support contains more
tips on getting help.

-- robin
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