* Junio C Hamano <gits...@pobox.com> [2012-12-26 12:35:28 -0800]:
> >
> > Anyway, I could imagine this as optional flag of git format-patch, so you 
> > could say:
> > $ git format-patch -s --in-reply-to-email <mboxfile> a7fe7de8
> >
> > But I'll save that as an exercise for the reader (or the future)
> I think a much more general approach would be to turn your script
> into "get-msg-id" script and use it like so:
>   $ git format-patch --in-reply-to $(get-msg-id <mboxfile>) a7fe7de8
> Then you can reuse that script in a context outside format-patch,
> whereever you need the message-id in a single message in the
> mailbox.

That would work for the message-ID, but not for the various To: and Cc: 

The hacky script that I sent afterwards produces a string with the various 
options to git format-patch (--to --cc --in-reply-to) based on the headers 


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