Christian Ludwig <> writes:

> this is the third iteration of this series. There was a request to
> rebase the changes on the refactoring patch b6049542 ("send-email:
> extract email-parsing code into a subroutine", 2017-12-15). This is
> the result.

Thanks.  Let me Cc the party who did the refactoring, as it was
unclear how much value the change that did only refactoring without
having an actual user of the end result---now we do have code that
uses it.

> The diffstat is the same compared to the last revision. It could be
> made smaller by sacrificing readibility and breaking the scheme
> introduced by the refactoring patch. But I do agree that send-email's
> readability could benefit from slicing it into handy functions. And the
> refactoring patch reduces the nesting of loops/conditionals.


I compared the result of applying these on top of the refactoring
commit, and cherry-picking the previous round on top of the same
refactoring commit, and found that they pretty much result in the
same code (which was an exercise for me to gain confidence in this

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