Dear Doron,
I plead an indulgence if I have invaded your privacy by receiving this
mail from me without prior permission. With due respect, I contact you
purposely based on the similarities of names between you and my
deceased client who was an oil servicing contractor with shell
petroleum in West Africa.

This is about Nine years I have been searching the contacts of the
relatives to my late client in order that they may come forward for
the repatriation of the estate of my late client Engineer Victor Doron
 valued $16.4 Million but unfortunately all my search proved abortive
and the Togo bank holding these funds issued me a last notice to bring
the supposed heir/relatives before end of this year or they will have
the account declared un serviceable thereby confiscating the funds
hence my contact to you so that you may stand as the heir and receive
the funds into your bank account since you are bearing same surname
with my deceased client. I have the death certificate to send to you
as well as deposit document as proof. The sharing ratio of the funds
after a successful transfer to your bank account shall be 40/60 of
which I do have trust that the funds will be secured pending my
arrival to meet you in your country.
Waiting to hear from you.
Sincerely yours,
Barrister Tamale David

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