Peter Hofmann <> writes:

> Subject: Re: [PATCH] gitk: Replaced "green" with "#00FF00".

That should be

        Subject: [PATCH] gitk: replace "green" with "#00FF00"

around here.  Instead of reporting what you did in the past tense,
you give an order to somebody to do something to make the codebase
into more desirable shape, without the final full-stop.

> The definition of "green" has changed in Tk 8.6:
> -
> -

Concise reference to the background information is very much
appreciated.  It would have been even nicer if you wrote one line
summary of it, e.g. "This change was to make Tk applications more in
line with Web standard colors."

> gitk looks pretty awkward with Tk 8.6. "green" is simply too dark now
> because it has changed from "#00FF00" to "#008000".

Your observation "awkward" is somewhat subjective and I am hesitant
to recommend this change without a better justification.  Given the
reasoning behind the change Tcl/Tk people made, I wouldn't be
surprised if people coming from webapp world view the "green" color
rendered by updated Tcl/Tk more natural.

Besides, if we are declaring with this patch that we will stick to
X11 colors and will not adopt W3C colors, the patch shouldn't update
only "green", but set all the other colors in stone, no?  "purple",
for example, is also different between X11 and W3C.

> One could also use "lime" instead of "#00FF00" but that would break
> compatibility with older versions of Tk.

A better solution might be to make these colors customizable.

> Signed-off-by: Peter Hofmann <>
> ---
>  gitk-git/gitk | 12 ++++++------
>  1 file changed, 6 insertions(+), 6 deletions(-)

Please make gitk patches against 

        url = git://

which is my upstream maintained by Paul Mackerras <>
(cc'ed) and keep him in the loop.

A patch against Paul's tree would have these lines

> diff --git a/gitk-git/gitk b/gitk-git/gitk
> index d93bd99..d7e922b 100755
> --- a/gitk-git/gitk
> +++ b/gitk-git/gitk

without "/gitk-git".

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