Alex Vandiver <> writes:

> Heya,
> I just ran into the following with `git stash`.  The set-up:
> ...
> $ git stash pop
> Auto-merging foo
> CONFLICT (content): Merge conflict in foo
> Recorded preimage for 'foo'
> $ git stash
> foo: needs merge
> foo: needs merge
> foo: unmerged (aeaa7e5e87cf309a7368d5d92a71c1f9e6a8c9e7)
> foo: unmerged (a77fa514de2720c72c1a861de098595959a2c97a)
> foo: unmerged (4a622d2b991f1a19ba7be313a46dc6f03692cd0a)
> fatal: git-write-tree: error building trees
> Cannot save the current index state

This is totally expected, isn't it?

You do not save state in the middle of a conflict with "git stash"
(instead, you would "git stash" away your own work in progress
before you start operation that may create and leave conflicts).
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