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On 11/03/2018 13:11, Johannes Schindelin wrote:
> > > I did wonder about using 'pick <original-merge>' for rebasing merges
> > > and keeping 'merge ...' for recreating them but I'm not sure if that
> > > is a good idea. It has the advantage that the user cannot specify the
> > > wrong parents for the merge to be rebased as 'git rebase' would work
> > > out if the parents have been rebased, but maybe it's a bit magical to
> > > use pick for merge commits. Also there isn't such a simple way for the
> > > user to go from 'rabase this merge' to 'recreate this merge' as they'd
> > > have to write the whole merge line themselves (though I guess
> > > something like emacs' git-rebase.el would be able to help with that)
> >
> > Since the ultimate commit hashes of newly rebased commits would be
> > unknown at the time of writing the todo file, I'm not sure how this
> > would work to specify the parents?
> I agree with Phillip's follow-up that the `pick <original-merge>` syntax
> would pose a problem, but for different reasons: We already tried it, with
> --preserve-merges, and it is just a really stupid syntax that does not
> allow the user even to reorder commits. Or drop commits (except at the
> very end of the todo list).

Hehe, please excuse me, but in the light of that other explicit (or 
not) parent mapping discussion[1], I would take a chance to be really 
sneaky here and say that being non-explicit "is just a really stupid 
syntax that does not allow the user even to reorder rebased merge 
parents. Or drop parents (except at the very end of the parent list)." ;)

[1] https://public-inbox.org/git/b329bb98-f9d6-3d51-2513-465aad2fa...@gmail.com/

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