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Brandon Williams <bmw...@google.com> wrote:

> In order to be able to ship protocol v2 with only supporting fetch, we
> need clients to not issue a request to use protocol v2 when pushing
> (since the client currently doesn't know how to push using protocol v2).
> This allows a client to have protocol v2 configured in
> `protocol.version` and take advantage of using v2 for fetch and falling
> back to using v0 when pushing while v2 for push is being designed.
> We could run into issues if we didn't fall back to protocol v2 when
> pushing right now.  This is because currently a server will ignore a request 
> to
> use v2 when contacting the 'receive-pack' endpoint and fall back to
> using v0, but when push v2 is rolled out to servers, the 'receive-pack'
> endpoint will start responding using v2.  So we don't want to get into a
> state where a client is requesting to push with v2 before they actually
> know how to push using v2.
> Signed-off-by: Brandon Williams <bmw...@google.com>

I noticed that my review comments have been addressed, so:

Reviewed-by: Jonathan Tan <jonathanta...@google.com>

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